Team Predator:
1st Commander- Mateusz "Ghost" Nowogrodzki
2nd Rifle Man- ​
Reis "Trigger Happy" Stefan
Close Combat Man- Timothy "Striker" Murphy 
Sniper- Michael "Recon" ​Rossi
Heavy Rifle Man- Michael "Heavy Duty" Esposito
Rifle Man-​ Robert "Clutch" Sullivan


We First Debuted at the West Point 2012 Fall Combat Classic. We played for the blue team and came in second place for most va​​luable team "mvt". 
Every since we have played paintball whenever we could and hope to get better in the game. With the help of our new sponsor we hope to grow more and more in paintball. And remember GO HARD OR GO HOME!​

​1st- First in command
2nd- Second in command​

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